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When you eat pizza off the floor

I looked at the floor. I saw a dust bunny under the cabinet. A little piece of mulch and what was once a fresh Cheerio were there, too, not very far from the remains of the pizza. But, perhaps, they were just far enough…

The new world

From the time I started writing my first book until the time it was officially released, I went from one employer to another, one conversation about money to another, one expression of my passion to discovering all new ways to express it, and working with one set of people to another. And it occurred in less than a year.

Withering wonderfully

There is something subversive and ferocious in time’s quiet, steady march forward. What we may gain in wisdom and experience is leveraged with deterioration of body. We can’t keep up. Perhaps this is why, after aging enough to attain such a level of insight, Oscar Wilde said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” Once we’ve gained the wisdom to realize the fullness of youth, soreness and fatigue begin to settle in like a fog.

My couch, my companion

For the first time in my professional career I took a sick day. And then I retreated to my living room couch. It’s just you’re typical brown leather couch (technically, it’s a sofa), but it became my safe harbor.

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