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When is your bedtime?

But instead of getting into a bunch of systems, tools, and tricks for outsmarting our poor time management habits, we started talking through the root cause of her fatigue. I asked her how much sleep she was getting each night. Her answer? Not enough.

How to throw someone under the bus (in your place)

“Yeah, I’ve been out of work for about three years now. You know, downsizing.” And with the way he said “downsizing” he implied that I understood how not only he, but countless others have been victims of some silent conspiracy concocted by corporate fat cats, foreigners who work cheap, and of course – you know, of course – the government. It’s funny how much you can hear in the tone of someone’s voice.

The pain in beginning (again)

Maybe you’ve been too scared of what you’ll find to write a plan for your spending. Maybe you’ve recognized that it’s going to be a long trek out of debt requiring much sacrifice. Maybe you need to lose weight and change your eating habits, but you know it’s going to mean physical pain and a complete overhaul of decisions you’ve made for years. Maybe you need to call your dad, your sister, your brother, your son, your daughter and apologize for something that happened a long time ago.

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