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Get Naked: Stripping Down to Money & Marriage

Remember that “for richer, for poorer” part of your vows? Didn’t really prepare you for managing money with your bride or groom, did it? Here’s the deal: 84% of husbands and wives say money is the primary source of tension in their marriages.  No wonder money fights and problems are the leading cause of divorce!

It’s time to Get Naked!
  • Learn how to really talk with your spouse about money (no boxing gloves required!)
  • Create a list of dreams and goals you want to accomplish together
  • Identify the financial strengths you bring to the table (and how to embrace the weaknesses)
  • Organize and develop a monthly spending plan that you each can agree on
  • Understand how to establish a memorable legacy for your family tree
  • Know how to experience deep, profound intimacy in your marriage!

This book is chock full of practical exercises, worksheets, and stories of couples across the country divorce-proofing their marriages simply by getting naked with their money!  Are you ready to strip down to money and marriage?

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