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When you eat pizza off the floor

I looked at the floor. I saw a dust bunny under the cabinet. A little piece of mulch and what was once a fresh Cheerio were there, too, not very far from the remains of the pizza. But, perhaps, they were just far enough…

hoarders masquerading as savers

If you’re a spender, you’ll appreciate this: Savers can be full of crap. They can come off as holier than thou in their effort to pinch every penny, cherish every dime, and make you feel guilty for putting a quarter in a gumball machine.

the naked truth: daniel & melissa save a life

With credit card balances, student loans, and car loans out of the way, Daniel and Melissa are able to open their home and their family to receive a new life. Today, their home is balanced: They teach their son Lucas responsibility through love and they maintain a healthy financial stability so money issues don’t undermine the household.

An Ambassador of Stewardship