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When you eat pizza off the floor

I looked at the floor. I saw a dust bunny under the cabinet. A little piece of mulch and what was once a fresh Cheerio were there, too, not very far from the remains of the pizza. But, perhaps, they were just far enough…

How to throw someone under the bus (in your place)

“Yeah, I’ve been out of work for about three years now. You know, downsizing.” And with the way he said “downsizing” he implied that I understood how not only he, but countless others have been victims of some silent conspiracy concocted by corporate fat cats, foreigners who work cheap, and of course – you know, of course – the government. It’s funny how much you can hear in the tone of someone’s voice.

hoarders masquerading as savers

If you’re a spender, you’ll appreciate this: Savers can be full of crap. They can come off as holier than thou in their effort to pinch every penny, cherish every dime, and make you feel guilty for putting a quarter in a gumball machine.

An Ambassador of Stewardship