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The new world

I’ve always been intrigued by history and how events and occasions and seasons just cascade into more events, occasions, and seasons. Sometimes the cascade is laughable.

For example, the timing of the release of Get Naked: Stripping Down to Money & Marriage. I wrote the book over a long stretch of time. As a matter of fact, for those of you that have read it, you might be surprised to know that it took me nearly four months to write the first half. Admittedly, it’s not a very long book; admittedly, it shouldn’t have taken that long. I wrote the second half in three weeks when, through a very fortuitous set of circumstances, I was able to secure the endorsement of one Shaunti Feldhahn. She needed a manuscript and I needed to get my butt in gear so she wasn’t endorsing only half of what I had to say!

By the time Get Naked made its way through editing (multiple rounds), design and layout (multiple iterations), I received additional feedback and endorsements from others, and we completed the proofing process, it was early summer of 2010. I was the Lead Financial Coach with Lukas Coaching.

I greenlit the last stage of the book’s publication knowing that the “About the Author” section could quite quickly become obsolete.

No one knew that I was also in the interview process for the position of Stewardship Director at Hope Community Church. Since the position hadn’t been secured, I greenlit the last stage of the book’s publication knowing that the “About the Author” section could quite quickly become obsolete.

New Role, New Adventure

I was hired as the Stewardship Director and set to begin my new role – and adventure – on September 1st of that year. I was a newly published author with an out-of-date head shot and biography in a book that had only hit the printers 60 days earlier.

But hey, now there’s an opportunity for the “revised and updated” version of Get Naked, right? Well, maybe someday.

Perhaps you don’t care much about that history at all. I can imagine that it doesn’t really mean that much to you, but you have to understand that it’s critically important to me. From the time I started writing my first book until the time it was officially released, I went from one employer to another, one conversation about money to another, one expression of my passion to discovering all new ways to express it, and working with one set of people to another. And it occurred in less than a year.

Adding to memory lane

Some of those who continue to follow what I’m up to will recall my role as host of Past Due Radio. Some will recall me as the guy that worked with Justin Lukasavige as we unfolded layer upon layer of resources and services to help people with their finances, careers, businesses, and more. Some will come here to see what happened to the guy in the Dark Side of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps video (and its follow-up). Some will know me only from Hope, and be confused, perhaps, by the preceding references. They came here for Mr. Derek. Or maybe just the guy that teaches the money classes.

My new world is one of stewardship. ¬†We’re all managers, not owners.

I welcome you all to This is a new world for me. I’m here to foster an ongoing dialogue about the heart, the things we’ve been blessed with – time, money, talents, relationships – and how it all fits into achieving the purpose God has for his kingdom and for us individually.

This being a new world, I don’t plan to talk about the deep-in-the-weeds specifics of debt elimination strategies, or budgets. I probably won’t talk at length about tax-advantaged savings accounts or how to evaluate expense ratios on your investments. Those are important discussions, for sure, but they are merely a part of the expression of what we truly believe about money, God, generosity, and stewardship.

My new world is one of stewardship. I believe that we’re all managers, not owners. I didn’t get to that belief overnight. As a matter of fact, I used to feel quite the opposite. But now I know that living in light of God’s ownership changes everything.

So, let’s talk about it.

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